This unit actually began with a 176 year old tree in the Swenson's back yard.  It was a beautiful white oak that was dying and the Swensons wanted two things.  First, they wanted their tree to be something other than firewood.  Second, they wanted to convert their grown daughter's bedroom into something more functional like an office and work room that could still work as a guest room when company arrived.  Finally, they wanted a lot of space to store and display books and curios.
The Swensons met with Gordy and they talked about what they wanted - both its function and its style.  Gordy measured the space and drew up a design and, with the Swenson's approval, the work begain.  Gordy made and finished the component pieces (except for the stone desktop) then delivered and installed them at the Swensons.  This photo was taken the day the unit was installed.
The stone was cut and shaped by Jesse Stone (Chicago).
The pirate's chest on the right of your screen was another fun project.  Gordy was actually hired to build cubbies in the McCarvel's garage but as he was leaving after dropping off the bid, he asked if there was anything else they might need.  Mrs. McCarvel said yes.  Her son would love a pirate's chest.  Gordy asked a few questions about size, (Should it fit on a dresser or at the foot of the bed?) and materials and then created the domed-lid chest complete with heavy black hinges, handles and padlock.  It was delivered in time for a pirate birthday party. 
Our last example is the desk and end table set to the left.  Camp Fairwood was building a new cabin and needed furniture.  They had found someone to build the bunkbeds but were still in need of four sets of desks and end tables.  In addition, the camp had a large supply of oak lumber already milled.  Gordy met with the director and came up with a basic sturdy design that complimented the bunkbeds.  The furniture was delivered before the cabin was completed - four matched sets.
The point of these stories is to emphasize that, to Gordy, every customer is a person with ideas, personality, style and preferences that are important.  We treat our customers with respect, person to person with simple easy-to-understand bids and designs along with plain-language agreements.  We strive not only to provide an excellent piece of furniture but an excellent experience.  Maybe that is why so many of our customers call us again.