Welcome to Gordon Miller Woodworks

Gordon Miller Woodworks is a small custom cabinetry and furniture shop located near Brooklyn, Wisconsin.  Gordy Miller, the owner and sole employee sought to create a company that builds nicely crafted furniture and built-in units for regular folks.  (It seemed that there were plenty of companies vying for the high-end market - at least in price.)  Every Gordon Miller Woodworks piece is custom-built and one-of-a-kind.  
It begins with an idea...
Heirloom hickory deacon's

The Meredith family home farm has a beautiful woods - one that Mr. Meredith appreciated, in part, for its excellent lumber potential.  Prior to his death, he had marked selected trees for lumbering but was unable to complete the project.  His family did so, converting the logs into lumber and placing it in storage.  In the intervening years a few special pieces have been commissioned to be made from this lumber including the deacon's bench at left and below.  Gordy worked with the family to design and build a piece that celebrated the character of the lumber and the esthetic of the family.  It is build from hickory grown on the family farm and has a cedar-lined storage seat. 

Angle shot of deacon's bench
Gordy incorporated such features as hand cut curved tenons in the back, a routed relief on the face of the legs and contrasting wood colors to add the striped character of the piece.

Another story is that of Red Cliff Bible Camp. This camp, located in the Wind River Range of the Rocky Mountains, recently underwent a lodge expansion allowing it to add a coffee shop, Higher Grounds.  The purpose of the shop is to provide a place for people attending camp activities to socialize and relax.  The camp needed tables and stools for the coffee shop - preferably ones that reflected the rustic beauty of the area.  They also needed to hold up to wide temperature swings, frequent use and rough handling as they are moved and used by children and teens as well as adults.

Table and stools for Higher Grounds Coffee Shop

The table and stools are constructed of sturdy oak with 2" live edge surfaces, tapered legs and contrasting walnut split-wedge tenons.  The seats were CNC routed by Forever Woodworks, Oregon, WI.

The point of these stories is to emphasize that, to Gordy, every customer is a person with ideas, personality, style and preferences that are important.  We treat our customers with respect, person to person with simple easy-to-understand bids and designs along with plain-language agreements.  We strive not only to provide an excellent piece of furniture but an excellent experience.  Maybe that is why so many of our customers call us again.
Custom Can Be Affordable
Many people think they can't afford custom cabinetry or furniture.  Depending on what it is you want, a custom piece built to fit the space available and designed to fit your style may be less expensive than you think, particularly when you consider the cost of buying something that doesn't quite meet your needs.